Friday, July 2, 2010

A day with friends

(an old pic of the 5 of us)

Friends are a funny thing. We have so many of them throughout our lives...good ones, bad ones, close ones, distant ones, young ones, old ones, etc., etc. I remember one of my first friends, Ashley, who was my next door neighbor. My bro and I used to play with her on the weekends, and all day long in the summers. We had a yard sale together one time and made enough $$ to get ourselves some ice cream when the truck came by late in the afternoon. We used to go swimming in her pool, and made a "raft" to go floating down the creek in our neighborhood.

One of my dearest friend, Audrey, was someone I knew from elementary school all the way up. We became less close as time went by, but somehow we could still find ways to connect when we hung out. And we used to giggle and giggle til we cried about the stupidest things. One of my most favorite memories with her is that we put on a mime skit for our elementary school talent show. I'm positive it was nothing special, yet it was crazy cool to us at the time.

And today I spent some time with 3 of 4 of my favorites from college. They came up to my area, and we had lunch at cafe magnolia (side of best restaurants I've ever been to), and then got pedicures. It was really a simple day, but still so good to see them. We used to have so much fun in college...but not doing the normal things college kids do. For instance, we once had a Free Willy marathon during a snow storm until about 3 am, and then went playing in the snow. Another time, we painted pictures to decorate our apartment wall. We stayed up late talking and overdrew on our meal plans going to the college coffee shop at least once daily. I'm positive these girls are one of the major reasons I made it through college. They were my rock...And now it's crazy to think that we've all moved on, secured jobs, some are married, have homes, and now one of us is even expecting her first baby. Time flies.

And as life continues, I'm sure my friendships with them will continue to change...and I'm sure I'll make new friends, too. (Make new friends, but keep the old.) But these girls are real special. They're the kind of friends you keep.

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